Fourth Dimensional Personal Development

Hi, and welcome to fourth dimension personal development. Relax, take your shoes off and stay awhile. Take a good look inside. I’m very glad you’re here. Thanks for coming. 

The purpose of this site is to help you grow in your personal development in the Kingdom of God. You don't need to be a member of the Kingdom of God to benefit from some of the information here. There will be much to see as we take this journey together.

The basis of many of the principles and information you will find on this site is the Bible. The Bible can be thought of as the constitution of the Kingdom of God. As any country has a constitution that governs the affairs of that country, the Bible is the constitution of the Kingdom of God.

The Bible shares the rights, privileges, expectations and culture of the Kingdom of God.

There are principles in the Bible that apply and will serve to contribute to your personal development as a human being, in all areas of your life.

That is what this site is all about; helping you grow as a human being. As you and I grow, we find that we live life with more zeal, passion, joy, happiness, fulfillment and purpose.

We are both growing together. Yes, there are some things I’ve discovered from my experience that I will share with you. Yet, you and I are both growing. Personal development for citizens of the Kingdom of God never stops.

Do you know what they call the day we stop growing? It’s called burial day. As long as you and I have breath, we will always be growing, developing, moving.

Our lives aren't stagnant. They are dynamic, always moving toward some destination. Our lives are vibrant as we make new decisions, form new habits and discard disempowering decisions and habits. This is what makes life so exciting and fulfilling.

The information on this site will help you grow and improve in the following areas of your life:

    Spiritual: You are a spiritual being. How you relate to the spiritual dimension will affect the results of your life.

    Mental: Your thoughts and how you focus your thoughts help determine what road your life will take.

    Vocational: You are created and gifted for purpose.

    Financial: Your thoughts about finances and how you use your finances help determine your destiny.

    Physical: Your body was created for destiny. How you treat your body will affect your destiny and the quality of your life.

    Relationships: You and I were created for relationship. We were created for both horizontal and vertical relationship. Horizontal is how we relate to other human beings. Vertical is how we relate to God.

Personal development takes time. Even when Jesus walked this earth, never was the claim made that growth was quick and easy.

Jesus was with the disciples for three years. He taught them, was a model for them and spoke with them for the years he was with them. They witnessed how He did things for those years. They still didn't understand much of what He modeled for them.

Personal development will take time. Did you know that it takes from 21-30 days to form a new habit? Our lives are made up of many habits.

Only you know how many negative habits and mindsets you have learned over the course of your life. If you are like me, you learned many.

So, if it takes 21-30 days to form just one new habit, how much time will it take if we have many negative habits to overcome? Personal Development takes time.

There have been times when I became impatient. I wanted things to change quickly. Some changes did happen quickly. Some haven't happened so quickly. Just remember, personal development is a process and will take time.

Personal development is not easy. Until new habits and mindsets are established, we will battle the old ones wanting to remain. Some habits and mindsets will be harder than others to overcome, depending on how long we have had them.

As you grow and establish new habits, you will…

  • Become an expert in who you are.
  • Look at yourself differently...seeing yourself with new vision.
  • Move on from memories of failure, loss and fears.
  • Take control of what you think
  • Take control of what you say.
  • Take control of your beliefs.
  • Begin taking a journey of lifetime transformation.

I'm requesting only one thing from you. I only ask that you be true to yourself and to what God has in store for you. You are a unique creation with a unique purpose and are highly valuable.

Make the conscious, deliberate decision to be all you can be and all God intends you to be in the fourth dimension.©